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M  A  S  S  A  G  E


 As a seasoned manual therapist, Georgia’s massage can offer the range of focussed deep work along with gentle delicate support, depending on what’s going on in your body.

Her many years of clinical experience draw from training in craniosacral therapy, shiatsu, myofascial release, and structural integration. Prior to her bodywork career, Georgia’s life was focused on the arts. In fact, it was her love of sculpting the human form that led her to study anatomy which opened the door to her full training in massage therapy. 

​​She loves how what’s happening in your body contributes to her lifelong learning as an everyday testimony to the wonders of the body's resilience and ease. She attempts to find balance in her life by practicing Qi Gong, making art and going on long walks. Her warmth (along with her warm stones) and steady presence encourages you to explore even more ways of finding nurturance in your life.


Young woman receiving a back massage in

Each massage session is as unique as each person, with their present symptoms and their frame of mind. The goal to every massage is for it to be relevant.There's nothing "automatic" or "routine" even for regular long-standing clients.

Yes, Georgia is a clinical manual therapist working as a massage therapist for 24yrs and is also intuitive and eclectic. Often blending several modalities; orthopedic, Myofascial and cranial sacral. Often sessions are participatory and collaborative.

Most everyone loves the warm stones. Georgia often uses them seamlessly throughout the session.

Deep relaxation is possible with a massage, whether muscles are tight or stress has our mind racing and or emotions; heavy.

Dropping into the quiet and calm can be healing in itself.

Each person is encouraged to state candidly "what would be most helpful, today is..."

collaborating to come up with a good "recipe" for the massage treatment.

Massage with hot basalt stones. Beautifu

Prices of Sessions:

60min sessions    $120

90min sessions    $180



Whenever I leave Georgia’s office, I am four inches taller than when I walked in. A trained artist and sculptor with a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, Georgia brings this sensibility and aesthetic to her work. 

Both highly sensitive and mightily strong, she can ably detect and address that knot in your back from that car wreck in 1985. We met when I was struggling with my giant pregnancy. She thoughtfully and adroitly addressed the pain as well as discussing its potential causes (goodbye high heels!) and providing me with some stretches to try at home.

Now that giant baby is 6’ 3” and nearly 24 years old and living far away. Fortunately, Georgia still lives here, and I still show up and I still leave four inches taller nearly every month.


Writer, High School Teacher, World Traveler


Both mind and body have been very lucky to have Georgia tend to what ails them! Georgia provides a complete range of therapeutic and relaxation massage based on a thoughtful query of your needs and expectations as well as her own instincts. I always know we are partners in the work and leave each session invigorated, empowered and relaxed.


Writer, Social Justice Worker, Gardener

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